Shenandoah Condominiums Units, Inc. is a self-managed, 4+ acre community tucked away in St. Matthews along Weicher Creek, along the Middle Fork of the Beargrass Creek Watershed. Built in the 1970s as one- and two-bedroom single family homes with a clubhouse, laundry room and an in-ground, outdoor pool. The units were rented until all construction was completed then sold as condominiums. In 2013, our desire to be an "OWNER OCCUPIED" community resulted in amending our Master Deed to reflect this restriction.  

This website was developed to improve communication, transparency and safety of Shenandoah Condominiums through education about community living while providing easy access to rules, by laws and other information for owners, residents, realtors and potential buyers.

Homeowners and residents can click “Register” to get access to additional documents. Once your status is verified by a board member, you’ll be able to login for access to meeting schedules, minutes, rules and more in the private and secure “Owner Pages” section of the website. Private, owner-only pages are noted by a small lock icon. Your information will not be shared, distributed or sold; and access to the site may be revoked if/when you move/sell.

If you are an interested buyer, realtor or lender, you can reach a member of the board for additional access, or please fill out either the “Register or Contact Us” forms.

Want to learn more about owning a home that is part of a Home Owner Association?

Click the graphic below to watch a short video of Patrick Hohman -- Louisvillian, author of The "Best Practices" Association Training Book: Condos, Townhomes and Home Owner Associations How to make your investment safer and instructor of Condominium and Home Owner Association Study Project.