Site Beautification

Shenandoah owns 4.11 acres on the north side of Weicher Creek and approximately a quarter acre on the other side of the creek.

Much of the landscaping is original from the mid seventies.

Trees that were 10 feet tall then have grown to 70 feet or more in 40 + years. Some of the larger trees and their roots have damaged building foundations, underground piping as well as roofs and gutters. We have removed several smaller trees and a few of the larger trees (i.e. 2 in front and one behind the clubhouse) that were just in the wrong place. 

As we are surrounded by businesses and healthcare facilities, we are in the process of planting trees that will grow to provide privacy and produce oxygen along the north and east side of the property. In 2016 we planted more than 60 new trees. New fences are being installed in several locations to provide privacy while the new trees grow to maturity. 

Originally the front entries were bookmatched with shrubbery and plants on both sides of the main door to each building. Much of this has has died off and not been replaced. At one time, owners were allowed to plant things around the property with no overall plan. 

We are working with landscape contractors to design a site wide plan that will restore the curb appeal with plantings that are appropriate for the amount of sun and water available, while not causing maintenance issues 40+ years from now.

The site beautification efforts will take some time and will be done as funds are available.