The Owner’s Manual functions as an FAQ section containing many of the Commonly Asked Questions that aren’t addressed in the Master Deed & By-Laws and rules such as amenities, mechanics, safety and security and more.

Clubhouse Rental

The owner renting the Clubhouse must be in attendance at all times. The owner is responsible for all actions of their guests. Clubhouse rental is $25 plus a $100 refundable damage deposit. After a thorough inspection, the damage deposit may be refunded in total or used for repairs or cleaning. Reservations must be made in advance and the key picked up from and returned to the designated Board Member.


Hallway Cleaning

The Association is responsible for cleaning the laundry room, clubhouse and common areas of 10 buildings. Monthly cleaning includes vacuuming, mopping/sanitizing, dusting and washing windows.

If you spill something, please clean it up.


Laundry Room

Need the code to the laundry room? Contact Us.

There are five washers (four 10 pound top loaders and one 30 pound front loader) and four dryers. The top load washers take four quarters ($1.00) per load, front load washer takes twelve quarters ($3.00) per load. The dryers take quarters, each quarter runs a dryer for 15 minutes.  The front loader will accommodate a king size comforter.

  • Only three washers and two dryers can be running at any given time.
  • Do not exceed the weight limit of the washers (see above). Do not overload.
  • Stagger the start time of the washers. Even just a few minutes makes a difference.
  • When finished, leave the washer doors open (to prevent mold and mildew growth).
  • Unattended items may be emptied out of washers/dryers.
  • For your safety, the door to the Laundry Room should remain locked at all times.

All washers are sanitized monthly. Coins are collected from the Laundry Room daily. The Laundry Room and other areas of the property are monitored by a security camera.


One reserved parking spot comes with each unit. Please park your vehicle in your designated spot, which is noted first by the number of your building, then by your unit number.

If you have additional cars, guests or contractors visiting please instruct them to park in any of the spots marked with a V for visitor.



Each year the pool code is changed. Those in good standing with The Association may request the pool code by the Contact Us Form.

During the hours the pool is open, input the four digit code. You’ll hear a “click” which means it’s unlocked. Quickly pull-up on the knob on the far right top of the gate, at the same time quickly pull the door/gate open. If you aren’t fast enough, press any one number and when you hear the click quickly try again.

For your safety, a phone is installed by the gate that will allow you to call only 9-1-1, in case of an emergency.

To exit the pool area, press the doorbell button to the right of the emergency phone, pull up on the same knob you pulled from the outside, now on the far left top of the gate and push open the gate.


Trash & Recycling

See Safety and Security.


Water & Sewer

The maintenance fees you pay to the Association cover the complex’s water and sewer usage. Help us keep our fees low by fixing any drips or leaks ASAP. See Mechanics for more info.


Window maintenance and cleaning is the responsibility of the homeowner.